2016 Production

The action takes place in Deadwood City.  The main saloon is owned and run by the Mayor, a mean bad-tempered critter.  The bar is filled with raucous gamblers and exuberant can-can girls. The Mayor won’t have a bar of anyone other than his can-can girls performing in his town.

Back at their prairie camp a traveling troupe, ‘The Twobit Players’, are captured by Indians with a fabulous performance saving them from going up in smoke. We find the Chief delighted by the group and offers to help them perform in Deadwood City.

As the Twobit Players and Indians burst into the saloon to demand a performing space, the Mayor tells them to shove off.  Guns are drawn by everyone. But Kitty, the saloon hostess, suggests each side pick a champion to shoot it out.    

Don’t miss the resolution of this exciting show !
This a is a fun show, with colourful costumes and lots of singing and dancing. Great family entertainment for all ages. Performed by 32 local children aged 9 to 16 years old.
No West for the WickedNo West for the Wicked